Final Portfolios


We made it to the final week of classes!  I hope this finds you and your families well!!

This week we continue to check in on the presentations of our classmates and send me the final portfolio.

Here is what I would like you to send:  old copy of resume, new copy of resume, old copy of cover letter, new copy of cover letter, old op ed post, new op ed post, and anything else you might like to share or get feedback on.  Please label everything clearly so I know what is old and what is revised.  You can send these via email (in one email) to me,

Please also send them in Word, so I can use track changes for suggestions.

As always, email with any questions.

Have a great week,

Dr. Travis

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Nice work on your interviews!

Please have a look at what your classmates are doing. I have enjoyed the creative way you have presented your interviews and the wisdom they contain!

Just a word about handing in your portfolio: feel free to email me your docs.  Please send them as Word docs, so I can use track changes to comment.  Also, please label what is “old” and what is “revised” in your doc title: Travis-old-resume.doc (for example) and Travis-revised-resume.doc.  It would be helpful to include with your revised doc a short paragraph about what you changed, so I can make suggestions and comments in these areas.

What questions do you have?  Feel free to email me.

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Working on Interview and Portfolio

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a peaceful holiday weekend!

I’ll put folders into Blackboard, and then I ask that you watch, read, view, or participate in any fashion designed by our presenters.  Please let them know what you found interesting and helpful.

Here is the order of presentations:

Friday April 17: Selines, Katie, Fardin, and Brittany

Tuesday April 21:  Victoria, Crystal, Maria, and Will

Friday April 24: Alix, Daphne,  and Tut

Tuesday April 28: Tiffany, Nadia, and Liv

Friday May 1 (last day): Luigi, Erick, Lindsey, and anyone who couldn’t present on their originally assigned date. 

Also Friday May 1: Portfolios Due–revisions of resume, cover letter, and op ed due.  Include transcript of your interview in your portfolio (this does not need to be revised).

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Tuesday’s BB class

Hi All,

I hope this finds you well!

I’ve put up a video that talks about the remainder of the semester. It is in the content area of the course. Please watch it when you are able.

Tuesday we are going to revise a piece of writing for our portfolio and post it to our group.

After Easter break, we are going to present our interviews (or Covid journals/writing).  You can do your “presentation” however if makes most sense for you: video (youtube, powerpoint, prezi, and so on).  I’ll assign everyone a date, although please let me know if you are willing to be among the first on 4/17.

Have a look at the revised syllabus that indicates what we are doing for the rest of the semester.

If you are finishing up interviews, please think about asking about working from home, crisis management, how work has changed, or how your interview subject is coping with our current crisis.

Wishing you and your families a happy Easter!

Peace, love, and strength,

Dr. Travis

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Tuesday on Blackboard

Hi Everyone,

Today we are on our Blackboard site formulating some shared questions we can ask our interview subject.

Please check there for your group and respond and share ideas when you can.

We have deadlines, but I do understand that we are all dealing with a lot right now, and some more than others.  Please work when you can, and if you are able, communicate with me if you need more time.  It is ok, I understand.  It is good to have some normalcy and routine, but sometimes other things take precedent.

Friday is a “free” day to work on arranging your interview, and if possible, doing the interview.  No writing is due for Friday.

See you back online on Tuesday.  I promise to put up a video.  I forgot today amidst lots of advising and other chair duties.  Apologies!

Be safe and well!

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I hope you are doing ok considering the circumstances!

For today’s class (Friday, March 27), please post up information about your interviewee on your blog.  How will you conduct the interview? Is it scheduled?  If you haven’t looked at our revised syllabus, please do so.  It shows you when the interview needs to be completed and what the calendar looks like going forward.

I will post a new video in our content area on Blackboard for Tuesday’s class.  I also put up groups for discussion of interview questions.  On Tuesday, please discuss your questions and come up with 3 questions with your group members that you will each ask of your interviewee.  This way, we can see how different people in various professional roles answer the same question.

Email me with any questions.  I’m also happy to FaceTime or Zoom.  Also, please let me know if you have any questions about advisement, or if you haven’t heard from your advisor to schedule a time.

Have a good weekend!

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Class on Blackboard Tomorrow and other announcements

Tomorrow (Tuesday 3/24) we will work in our groups and share a revised piece of writing: your op ed, resume, or cover letter.

Please respond to your group members (at least 2), with 1. something you like 2. a question or suggestion

Please also check our syllabus on our website (above).  I made some changes given our current circumstances.  We will spend the remainder of the semester working on revising our writing that we have already completed and working on our interview.  Scroll down on the syllabus to see the revisions to the syllabus.

I made the changes in an effort to recognize the stress we are all under given our circumstances.  I want the work you do for this class to be meaningful and manageable.

I also put up a new video announcement about this in our content area on BlackBoard.

As always, email me with any questions!  With best wishes for you and your families!!

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Video posted on Blackboard

In content area…see you online!

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Friday’s blog posts (on your own blog)

For tomorrow, everyone should do two things: 

 1. do a bit of research on corporate writing.  What is it, who does it, and what kind of examples can you share?  Pick a company, explore their website and/or other materials they may post online, and share some ideas about the kinds of writing you find.  This is exploratory, as we will be working more on corporate and professional writing next week.  Pick a company you are interested in :-)

2.  I’ve posted a lot of digital editions and archives on our syllabus and website.  In class, we were going to do some work on digital archives and the kinds of ways that digital humanities is expanding how we read and think about writers online.  Explore one, several, or all of the sites I’ve put on our website; choose your favorite, and answer some posted questions (again, on our syllabus) about the site you have chosen to explore.

I will post up a video discussing some of these things in a bit more depth.  Look for it tomorrow morning.

This post or posts should be for your Friday blog.

Tuesdays will be our day on Blackboard.  

Email with any questions…be well!

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Assignment on BB today

Please check Blackboard for your assignment today.

We will be workshopping our Op Ed pieces with our groups (groups posted on BB).

I will be posting up a short video with instructions and discussion about Friday’s work by Friday morning.

Please continue to consult the syllabus on our website.  The assignments and readings are there.

Fridays we will continue to post writing to our blogs, and on Tuesdays we will use Blackboard.

Please email me with any questions….be well!


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