For Thursday

Thanks everyone for sharing your daily creates on Monday!  I’ve posted everyone’s names on the syllabus according to his/her selected spark date.  Please let me know if your name doesn’t appear and I will make sure you are added to the syllabus.

On Monday we talked about your digital fluency (as so-called digital natives), and on Thursday we will talk about how this fluency relates to digital literacy.  The article is meant to get you thinking about how we read not just texts, literary or otherwise, but also most of our daily encounters, academic and personal.  So, with this article in mind, please work on the following for your daily create.  I’ve clarified it a bit (I hope).  We will be sharing and talking about digital rhetoric and how to unpack it in class.

The Daily Create: What is an example of an online rhetorical situation that you have found yourself in, or an example of digital rhetoric you are interested to unpack? Analyze any or all of its elements: purpose, audience, constraints, and so on.  We’ll share these in class.

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