No Class Thursday–Snow!

Ok–so I’m calling it–the forecast keeps getting more apocalyptic every time I check.  We’ll use our digital skills and take it online.

Please write a blog post about @so sad today, the Twitter, essays, or on  Vice So Sad Today

What kind of online voice is she cultivating?  What happens good or bad in the transition from anonymous Twitter handle to mainstream media and authorship?

Broder is crafting a careful persona that hides and reveals.  Where do you see this?

“In 2014, the artist Audrey Wollen explained her “Sad Girl Theory,” the idea that sharing feelings across the Internet was not necessarily narcissism but a form of feminist resistance.” (New Yorker Article linked in syllabus).   Do you agree? Why, why not?

Broder has over 300,000 followers on Twitter–her posts are characterized by “sudden emotional escalations inside disaffected quips” (New Yorker). The common thread throughout the essays in “So Sad Today” is her desire and willingness to confess even those parts of her life that she considers shameful or embarrassing.  How does she use the social media platform and how do you see it translate into the memoir/essay?

Choose any or all of the above to discuss, ponder, and blog about.  Please also read two other blog posts by classmates.  We’ll refer to these posts and discuss some of the above on Monday February 13th.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

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