Friday’s blog posts (on your own blog)

For tomorrow, everyone should do two things: 

 1. do a bit of research on corporate writing.  What is it, who does it, and what kind of examples can you share?  Pick a company, explore their website and/or other materials they may post online, and share some ideas about the kinds of writing you find.  This is exploratory, as we will be working more on corporate and professional writing next week.  Pick a company you are interested in :-)

2.  I’ve posted a lot of digital editions and archives on our syllabus and website.  In class, we were going to do some work on digital archives and the kinds of ways that digital humanities is expanding how we read and think about writers online.  Explore one, several, or all of the sites I’ve put on our website; choose your favorite, and answer some posted questions (again, on our syllabus) about the site you have chosen to explore.

I will post up a video discussing some of these things in a bit more depth.  Look for it tomorrow morning.

This post or posts should be for your Friday blog.

Tuesdays will be our day on Blackboard.  

Email with any questions…be well!

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