Class on Blackboard Tomorrow and other announcements

Tomorrow (Tuesday 3/24) we will work in our groups and share a revised piece of writing: your op ed, resume, or cover letter.

Please respond to your group members (at least 2), with 1. something you like 2. a question or suggestion

Please also check our syllabus on our website (above).  I made some changes given our current circumstances.  We will spend the remainder of the semester working on revising our writing that we have already completed and working on our interview.  Scroll down on the syllabus to see the revisions to the syllabus.

I made the changes in an effort to recognize the stress we are all under given our circumstances.  I want the work you do for this class to be meaningful and manageable.

I also put up a new video announcement about this in our content area on BlackBoard.

As always, email me with any questions!  With best wishes for you and your families!!

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