DH Manifesto 2.0

How the Internet Gets Inside Us

Will the Book Survive Generation Text?

Electronic Scholarly Editions

Pedagogies of Race: Digital Humanities in the Age of Ferguson

Crowdsourcing and Undergraduates

Why the Digital Humanities

Reality Bytes

What is the Digital Humanities and What is it Doing in the LIbrary?

From Reading to Social Computing

Earhart, Traces of the Old, Uses of the New: The Emergence of Digital Literary Studies

Critical Digital Studies: A Reader

Digital History and Copyright

McGrath, Collaborative Approaches to the Digital in English Studies

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, “Peer to Peer Review”

Jerome McGann, “Radiant Textuality” Victorian Studies, 1996

Learning Through Digital Media

Digital_Humanities, eds: Burdick, Drucker, Lunenfeld, Presner, Schnapp

Digital Humanities Debates–Edited by Matthew Gold

Kirschenbaum, “What is Digital Humanities?”

Future of Learning in the Digital Age

Together or Apart: The Next Generation of Digital Scholarship

Can Digital Humanities Mean Transformative Critique

Katherine Hayles, How We Think–Digital Companion

Digital Humanities Pedagogy–A Reader


Originality, Imitation, and Plagarism: Teaching Writing in the Digital Age

New Media Studies Article/Syllabus from The Atlantic

Hacking the Academy

The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age

Fitzpatrick, Planned Obsolescence

“What is Distant Reading”–Karen Schulz NYT

Mapping the Digital Empire: Google Earth and the Process of Postmodern Cartography

“Born Digital” Literature Blog

A Companion to Digital Literary Studies–digital book

Privacy-Data-Ideology-Identity-Context–Hacking Education

Amplified Marginalia

“The Digital Humanities is about Breaking Stuff” Jessie Stommel

dlsanthology mla media commons

Chaos and Control–A Scalar Book

All the Digital Humanists are White, All the Nerds are Men, but Some of us are Brave

Digital Writing Wiki


Moretti  ” Conjectures in World Literature”


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