Group Map Assignment

Google Maps

This assignment is to map the movements of characters in Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story. This is a group project. Each group will use Google Maps to create a map story for one character (or couple): Eunice, Lenny, or Eunice and Lenny together.

  1. Team Contract/Map Proposal:
  • Collaboratively produced
  • Written using a collective voice (we/our)
  • Expresses the focus of your map; selected components, team members and assigned responsibilities for each member, contact info to share with group
  • Printed and handed to me in class on March 13
  1. Your group’s map must include:
  • 4-6 “points of interest.” Each point of interest should be marked by relevant quotations from the text, including page numbers for reference. A point of interest could include (but is not limited to):
  • an exact location given in the narrative
  • pictures of an exact or approximate location
  • links to relevant audio files, video, or other websites relevant to an exact or approximate location or a particular portion of text
  • Imaginative renderings of what a location might look like.
  • a path following the movements of the assigned character.

Maps will be evaluated on how well they meet the objectives outlined above, as well as clarity, creativity, organization, attention to detail, and design. You should experiment to make your maps as dynamic and innovative as possible. Use the software’s capabilities to its fullest! You can get additional technical support by emailing Kathryn Shaughnessy .

If your group members work separately on mapping particular points, you will need to combine all the map elements into one file before presenting to the class. Links to your map should be emailed to me prior to class on March 23. Your group is responsible for making sure your map is available and ready for presentation.

  1. Introduction-Blog Post

Each team member will prepare his/her own introduction to the digital story map. This introduction, which can be posted on your blog as a post, describes the focus and content of the project

  • Individually produced, receives an individual grade, submitted individually
  • 250-500 words
  • Explains the focus and significance of your map, your contributions, and how it adds to team collaborations
  • Remember, since the map story reflects conscious decisions about what to include and exclude, as well as how to narrow and focus, your intro should make an argument about why your particular selections/decisions and contributions matter, how they add to the site, and how they complement the whole.
  • Introduction due as a blog post on March 23

The introduction should also reflect on some of the following questions (not all these questions need to be addressed):

  • Did completing this mapping assignment change how I understand Super Sad True Love Story. If so, how? If not, why not?
  • What was my experience of using Google Maps? What were the challenges and how did my group (or how did I) overcome them? What are the benefits and drawbacks to using a mapping program like this?
  • What was my experience of working in a group on this assignment?
  • What would I change about this assignment to make it more relevant, informative, enjoyable, challenging, or interesting?

Introductions to the map are due on March 23.

  1. Presentations:
  • Groups will present their maps in a 10-minute presentation on March 23rd. Each group member should be involved in the presentation of the map.
  • Presentation receives grade based on in-class performance during collaborative work; clear communication and demonstration of your map’s contents; presentation of your contributions; ability to answer questions.
  • Presentations on March 23rd