Creative Commons

Open Doar–List of Worldwide Academic Repositories

Open Access: The Reinvention of the Academic Book

DH Commons

DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly


Hybrid Pedagogy

DH projects and publications

DH Intro/Evaluating DH Projects–Fuchs, Powerpoint

Evaluating DH Projects–Fuchs

Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms Ted Talk

How did they make that?

Christopher Newfield Blog on Higher Education

Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning in the Digital Age

Cathy Davidson on Cultural Fear about Digitization


Digital Humanities Now–Journal



Digital America Online Journal

Duke University Ipod Experiment

Electronic Literature and its Emerging Forms

Electronic Book Review

RE: Humanities–Undergraduate Digital Humanities Symposium

Media Commons

Cuny Digital Humanities Commons–Events and More

Who is Reading and How? A Pew Poll/Study

Diana Taylor, Video: “Save As–Memory and the Archive”

Exploring Collaboration in Digital Scholarship–videos

Digital Thoreau

share your research: that’s what keeps the humanities alive

ds106: Digital Storytelling

Digital Story: Regina Andrews–One of the First African American Librarians

“What I learned as the Worst Student in the Class”

Storify: Creating Stories on the Web

Story Center–examples of digital stories

Digital Storytelling Example Stories

The History Makers–Short Video Clips

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