Resources for Writing for Money

Week One

For First Online Class 1/24:


Surprising Thing Google Learned About What Makes A Successful Google Employee

Six Myths about Choosing a Major

Economic Gains in Liberal Arts

Career Competencies that Employers Value Most

Choose One:

Value of the Liberal Arts


Why Liberal Arts Matter


Writing in the Digital Age

For Resume  2/7:

See Purdue Owl on Resumes (read most sections):

Resumes-The Purdue Owl’

The Selfie


Why We Take Selfies (through Foucault)


James Franco, “The Meanings of the Selfie”

Scholarship on Selfies

Jill Walker Rettberg, Seeing Ourselves Through Technology

Anything on this list

Cover Letter 2/21:

Cover Letters-Purdue Owl

Digital Literacies

Tim Urban on “The Best Writing Advice for the Digital Age”


The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

Nichole Pinkard on Digital Literacies


Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Digital Editions/Archives/Research


Blake Archive
British Booktrade Index
British Fiction 1800-1829: A Database of Production, Circulation and Reception
British Library Full Text Treasures
British Library Turning the Pages Project
British Women Romantic Poets Project, UC Davis
Bronte, Charlotte Juvenilia, Houghton Library, Harvard
Collex, NINES
Crime Broadsides Project, Harvard Law School Library
David Rumsey Map Collection
Database of Mid-Victorian Wood-Engraved Illustrations
Cather Archive
Digital Collections, Library of Congress
 Emblem Project Utrecht
    Google Books
 Global Poetry System
Emily Dickinson Archive
MITH’s Vintage Computers Archive
Whitman Archive
Charles Chesnutt Archive
NYPL Digital Gallery
Nineteenth Century Disability
Reading Experience Database
Science in the 19th-Century Periodical
Vault at Pfaffs-Bohemians of NYC
Transcribe Bentham
Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Turning the Pages, British Library