Photoshop Basics with Popstar Out of Place

Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool to “Erase” Something out of a Background

Photoshop Pen Tool for Accurate Selections

Premiere Tutorial for making a Supercut

Photoshop Tutorial to Animate Graffiti

Photoshop Rotoscope to a GIF Tutorial

iPhone Tutorial for GIF Making

Photoshop Frames and Layers to make a GIF from a still image

Photoshop Edit an Existing GIF

Photoshop Tutorial to create a GIF from a stack of imagesGoogle Image Search – Large Images

Upvoted by Reddit – A weekly podcast dedicated to unique storylines behind the web culture of Reddit and what happens when something ‘goes viral.’

Distance Machine (made by a grad student inspired by Moretti’s idea of distant reading)




Rap Genius

Rap Genius/Education Platform



Bamboo DiRT



Scalar American Literature Special Issue


Visual Eyes

Zotero–create and share visual ideas

Jing–share videos and screenshots

google drive apps


ibooks author

calameo–make your own book or magazine

Wix–build your own website

bitstrips–make your own comics

Pixton–another make your own comic tool

Voki–create speaking avatars

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